Advantage meaning in tamil

n. பொழிவு affluence, raining, increase, in crease of revenue, interest பேறு benefit, acquisition, endowment, bestowment, supernatural gift பிரயோசனம் usefulness, reward good or bad, fruit or result of actions பிரயோசகம் utility, profit, prayoja ka பலோதயம் benefit, joy, pleasure, power, strength, heaven, bliss n. பலித்தல் good or bad result, profit, success, result of good or evil deeds as experienced in this life பலன் produce, result, effect good or bad, profit, emolument, efficacy பயன் water, fruit, reward, profit, produce, result of good or bad actions நலம் benefit, efficacy, virtue, beauty, fairness, handsomeness, welfare நலப்பாடு excellence, profit, good fortune நயம் goodness, excellence, pleasure, grati fication, delight, benefit n. நயப்பாடு profit, benefit, superiority, excellence நபா profit சோபனம் handsomeness, joy, felicity, festivity, auspicious sign, omen or event சவலம் ability சமபலம் strength, equal influence as of any two or more planets in the horroscope சபலம் lightning, tenderness, productiveness, fruitfulness, fecundity கிபாயத்து gain from lands held at reduced rates உபகாரம் kindness, benefit, assistance, use, protection, patronage இலாபம் profit ஆதாயம் gain, proceeds, in almanac Usage of advantage 1. Having but a single tenet, it has the advantage of simplicity. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : gallinaceous fowl whether cock or hen especially the hen - கோழி milk taken after the calf is dead - கைமூலம் credit - . பங்கம்அழிதல் period of life time from birth - வயசு ignoble persons - இழிஞர்

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