Air meaning in tamil

வேணி ether, street of herdsmen, matted hair, root of a tree வெளி to become clear, as the sight after dimness, as the sky after cloudiness விண் atmosphere, sky, cloud, youthfulness, tenderness வாயு wind, wind or vital air in the system, also windy affections a. வான் ether, sky, visible hea vens, rain, cloud, great, excellent வளி wind, air in the body, swollen testicles, chronic rupture, her nia மாருதம் wind, vital air, one of the three humors of the body, demigod of whom there is a class of forty nine மாகம் tenth lunar mansion, sky, atmosphere மகாபலன் wind, < மகாகாசம் ether at large, air in a pot, atmosphere பெற்றம் taurus of the zodiac, buffalo in common, wind பாலை iron wood tree, mimusops hexandrus, arid, desert tracts, one of the five species of land பவனம் wind, winnowing grain, heaving or drifting up, as the waves to the shore பரிசனன் wind a. பர to extend, to be diffused, as water, odor, epidemics, clouds பஞ்சபூதம் earth, fire, water, ether பஞ்சதாது earth, water, fire, ether நிழலி தலை chief, princi pal, leader, origin, beginning, source, commencement சுசனம் சமீரணன் wind, hindu &ae, olus, any of the sons of the god of the wind சதாகதி wind as the cons tant mover, perpetual motion, equable motion கோலம் float, hog, fruit of the juju be, kind of hedge hog, mane of a city கோ flowers, ola leaves, to file, to insert and draw as a string காற்று breeze, at mosphere, wind that passes downward, fifteenth lunar asterism கந்தவகன் personified or regarded as a deity n. ஊடுருவ weapon, to transpierce, to insinuate itself into n. உயிர்ப்பு revival, breath, respira tion, wind, good smell ஆகாசம் ether, sky, visible heavens Online English to Tamil Dictionary : deleterious shrub - ஊமத்தம் as enjoyed in the present life - நன்மை force out as from a syringe - தள்ளு daily bathing of an idol with ganges water - அபிஷேகம் to construct nests - புழுக்கூடுகட்ட

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