Antiquity meaning in tamil

விருத்தம் cir cle, order of architecture, one of the three kinds of verse வழி as an ointment, to scrape wipe, rub off, to scour or cleanse மூரி apathy, indolence, ox, bullock, buffalo, crack, breach, oldness முறை morals, custom, approved course, legality, regularity, order முன்பு greatness, strength, before, in presence of முன்னை entire leaved premna, premna integrifolia, previous time, elder sister முன் antecedent, previous, beyond, next, future, in presence of முதுமை oldness, old age, old saying மரபு order, propriety, nature, property பூர்வீகம் old times, origin of a thing பூர்வம் பூருவம் beginning, priority, precedence, oldness, ancient history, tradition பூரிமாயு oldness புராதனம் புராணம் ancient story, a legendary tale containing accounts of gods பிராசீனம் what is ancient or antiquated, < பழைமை long established usage பண்டைநாள் பண்டு previous time, former time தொல்லை difficulty, care, perplexity, intricacy, oldness தொன்மை narration of ancient story, as one of the eight beauties in composition தொண்டு old times, for mer times, devotedness to a deity, devoted service n. தொடர்பு succession, series, tissue, train, range, chain, friendship தொடர் body and its actions, to proceed or succeed each other as letters in the formation of words சூதகம் delivery, uncleanness, ceremonial impurity of a woman from catamenia ஒல்லை quickness, velocity, swiftness, of time, readiness, promptness ஊழ் decay, to wither, fade as flowers, to decay as flesh, fruits ஆதி source, cause, primitiveness, beginning, excellency, supreme being அடியனாதி Online English to Tamil Dictionary : half the night - நிசார்த்தம் unrestrained - . குசால் indirectness - மடக்கடி conicalness - கொம்மை amenity - ஈரம்

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