Artery meaning in tamil

மாயுநாடி cystic artery நரம்பு any blood vessel, any duct of the body, cat gut string of a musical instrument தாது constituent or elementary part in nature, nerve, pulse, muscle in common சிரை to cut or pare close to the surface as by a razor, kshura, to cut எசம் உபதாமனநாடி bronchial artery உதரநாடி boetiac axis Online English to Tamil Dictionary : stick or beam with a row of torches borne on the shoulders of two men in nightly processions - ஏணிப்பந்தம் heat being ascribed to sulphur under the soil - கந்தகபூமி herma phrodite - பேடி licorice plant - அதிங்கம் to speak of one ignominiously - தீட்பாய்ப்பேச

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