Bank meaning in tamil

வாரம் week, day of the week, opportunity, occasion, multitude, abudance வரை to write, to take, to paint and draw, to delineate, to reject மடக்கடி unevenness as of a road, shore, danger, peril, hazard as from a coast பாறை rock, crag, large stone, stratum of stone or other mineral fossil பதுக்கை elevation, thicket, bushes, low jungle, rock திட்டை elevation, raised floor, dry spots in the sea, mortar for pounding தகர் to dash, to break to pieces, to raze, to destroy, to fracture சேது break water, dam, adam's bridge, extending from the coromandel coast toward ceylon said in india mythology to be ten yojanas wide and a hundred long சிறை slave, captivity, slavery, bondage, incarceration, guard, defence சம்பளம் stipend, salary, food for a jour ney, goods for travellers கூலம் tank, sea shore, embankment, mound, dike, ridges in rice fields கினாரா shore களம் locality, open space, area, wide extent, expanse, black, dark ஓரம் edge, border, margin, brim, brink, shore, parti ality in speaking இடிபட elbowed, shouldered, battered, demolished, as a wall, 2 Online English to Tamil Dictionary : little piece of cloth - துண்டு respectful behavior - மர்ஜி blank ola - வெள்ளோலை ascertain - வரையறுக்க slovenly economy - ஊழற்குடிவாழ்க்கை

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