Before meaning in tamil

adv. மேல் visible heavens, west, width, breadth, height, surface, seventh case or ablative of place முன்பு greatness, strength, in presence of முன்னாலே முன்னம் intention, mind, tree, mimosa, sign, mark adv. முன்னமே afore time முன்னதாக முன் antecedent, previous, beyond, next, future, in presence of மின் flash, coruscate, glitter, coruscation, lightning, glit ter adv. ஞாங்கர் room, space, situa tion, location, side, hand lance or dart adv. ஏற்கனவே early adv. ஏற்க suitably, improperly எதிர் face, to front, to meet as a foe, oppose, withstand, resist adv. எதிராக op posite to, in front ஆகே adv. அகாடி in advance, rope with which a horse's fore feet are tied Usage of before 1. Merchants and manufacturers may consign the Pope to hell before breakfast .
2. Roger Casement in the dock said, "Put me before a jury of my countrymen".
Online English to Tamil Dictionary : with a large head - கடுத்தவாயெறும்பு pulp of the fruit of the trichosanthes - கூச்சி fight - . விறப்பு grappling - . சிக்கு forming of new flesh in a wound - தசையடைப்பு

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