Bushes meaning in tamil

வீருதம் small shrubs பொற்றை low jungle, hillock, mound, mountain புதல் high grass, thicket, herb, eye brow புதர் thicket, grass பற்றை low shrubbery, underwood பதுக்கை bank, elevation, thicket, low jungle, rock தூறு to sprout forth, become bushy as thickets, to become shaggy and rough செடிமறைவு as intercepting sight, as a place of concealment, lurking place செடி to shoot out as sprays, foliage, shrub, shrubbery, thick foliage சிறுதூறு thicket, little shrub இறும்பு shrubs, hill, hillock, mountain, lotus flower, beetle, plant Usage of bushes 1. Similarly, there were considerable areas covered with trees and bushes in th'. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : fa brication - கட்டுச்சாட்சி tongue being thrust out - . நாக்குப்புறப்படல் to become disfigured - சுரூபங்குலைய fullness - புரணம் purification with ghee in a puja - ஆச்சியசுத்தி

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