Cicatrice meaning in tamil

தழும்பு mark, wale or swelling from a blow, bruise, on a person, animal செதுக்கை சுவடு impression, tract, trace, foot step, scar, any mark of a blow or stroke கது wart, fissure, crack, rupture கடிவாய்வடு கச்சை elephant's neck rope, rope, cord, coat of mail, scar, any mark made by a blow or wound Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to become stale - சிதம்பு bed stead - மஞ்சம் to whom the puranas were communicated by nandi - சனற்குமாரன் that which causes death - மாரகம் one of the four kinds of movements in verse or singing - துள்ளல்

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