Class meaning in tamil

வருணம் color, letter, tribe, caste, 4 வருக்கம் kind, species, multitude, crowd, section, chapter, increase by a given ratio வகை sort, means, assortment, division, branches, ramifications of a subject n. வகுப்பு section, paragraph a division பிண்டி to form into a mass, heap, lump or ball, to sum up, to abbreviate பான்மை quality, property, state, division, portion, that which is proper n. பாகுபாடு subdivi sion பத்தி faith, service, worship, love, affection, devotion, attachment படி to recite, to learn, to study, to repeat in order, to commit to memory பக்கல் tribe தரவழி sort, pair, assortment சார் to recline against, to rest on or in, to repose on, to depend on சாதிவருணாச்சிரமம் religious order சாதி to persist in denying, affirming, to maintain firmly or tenaciously கோத்திரம் race, caste, lineage, ancestry, parentage, genus, species, earth கூட்டு medley, mixture, composition, aggregation, ag gregate, curry stuffs ground together n. கூட்டம் combination, meeting, union, contact, confluence, crowd, multitude குழூஉ company, flock குழு society, band, company of the same trade, profession, lady's female retinue or companions ஒழுங்கு rank, line, train, order, regularity, ganization, rule of action உத்தபட்சம் kind n. இயல்பு property, quality, natural or essential quality, instinct, genius இனம் relations, connections, affinity, relationship, kind, species Usage of class 1. To talk of a disappearing middle class is absurd. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : place for cremation - . சுடுவனம் unwritten works an appellation adopted with reference to their meaning being handed down by oral explanation and not written - எழுதாக்கிளவி outside wall - வேதி to inure ones self to - சாதனம்பண்ண to expect - வழிபார்க்க

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