Consent meaning in tamil

விமதன் adversary, < ராஜி agreement, resignation மனோராசி பிணை to link, to unite, to bind or fasten together, to couple, to join rafters n. நேர்பாடு happening, occur rence, agreement, compliance, conformity, concession நேர்ச்சி direction, in the direction of, adaptation, fitness, agreement தாரிசம் union n. ஞெள் to agree, yield, to sound சம்மதி cousent, acquiesce, comply, concur, agreement, approval, compliance சம்மதம் agreement, approval, acquiescence, compliance, concurrence சமாதானம் peace, tranquillity, composure, equanimity, agreement, reconciliation சந்தோஷம் satisfaction, gratification, cheerfulness, joy, delight, happiness கபூல் approval ஓமபட உடன்பாடு concord, union, fellowship, agreement, compact, covenant, engagement உடன்பட assent, acquiesce, har monize with, to engage, contract, form a compact n. இயைவு agreement இணங்கு yield, comply with, to be reconciled, to acquiesce in, be agreeable to n. இசைவு agreement, compactness, fitness, unity, har mony, joining, joint அவிவாதம் concord அபிமதம் pleasure, liking, wish, assent அனுமதி approbation, order, command Online English to Tamil Dictionary : portuguese man - பறங்கிக்காரன் sectarial marks - உபாங்கம் to fare sump tuously or plentifully - தளராமல்சாப்பிட by flirting or filliping a finger against it - சுண்டு morbid humor in the body preventing the healing of ulcers - கள்ளநீர்

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