Deer meaning in tamil

வௌவி மிருகம் antelope, animal in general, beast, brute, pig, hog மான் mana, agent, affix to words both sa, hart, woman, capricorn of the zodiac மடமான் resembling a woman in its timidity பெட்டை hen, female of the lion, horse, camel, dog, cat, monkey, hog பிள்ளை infant, male or female offspring, son, youth, lad, title suffixed to the name of males in some families of the vellalar caste பிணை to link, to unite, to bind or fasten together, to couple, to join rafters பிணை to link, to unite, to bind or fasten together, to couple, to join rafters நவ்வி dhoney, youth, tender age, beauty, handsomeness, thirteenth lunar asterism சூனம் <, full blown flower சாரங்கம் kind of cuckoo, cuculus melanoleucos, elephant, cloud, peacock குழவி babe, young of the elephant, camel, buffalo, fabulous wild cow குரங்கம் antelope, strychnos கிண்ணி bowl, saucer, cover of the hilt of a sword, that which is comparatively small கன்று as the feet with walking, hands with first using a tool, to be burnt with the sun ஏறு entering, male of beasts in general especially the bull, male lion உழை gain by labor, procure by industry, to acquire, to labor hard அருணம் sheep, lime tree, country, also the language spoken in it, gold அரிணம் redness, elephant, whiteness Online English to Tamil Dictionary : that which is cool - தண்ணியது performed at dawn of day - பிராதக்காலபூசை to construct a plan - இட்டங்கட்ட those who do not wear the sacred thread - சாத்தாதவர் attendant demi gods of siva - சிவகணம்

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