Depth meaning in tamil

n. வாங்க admitting, buying, bending, crookedness, bend of a wall, untoward feeling தண்மை refrigeration, freshness, lowness, meanness, inferi ority, worthlessness தஞ்சம் prop, aid, help, assistance, succor, greatness, dignity, poverty குண்டு basin of water, pit, hole in the ground, ball of stone, wood or metal குட்டம் embracing many kinds, hollow, hole, 2, one of the twelve districts in which vulgar காம்பீரம் exultation, transport of joy, deepness, profundity, im portance கயம் decay, wasting away, loss, waste, destruction, ruin, inferiority கம்பீரம் profundity ஆழம் profundity, great depth, abyss, mature thought, learning, discrimination ஆள்த்திட்டம் capacity of a person, marks for recognizing a person, recognizance அகம் mind, heart, will, one's self, earth, place, form of the 7th case or locative அகப்பு Online English to Tamil Dictionary : violent man - அதிமூர்க்கன் prefix to the names of deities - சிரீ anything long and flowing in detached parts as tresses - கூந்தல் to have the mind bent upon a thing - கவி metony my - முகத்தலளவையாகுபெயர்

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