Elephant meaning in tamil

வேழம் sugar cane, bamboo, reed, arundo வேதண்டம் silver mountain kylasa, mountain வாரணம் obstacle, coat of armor, mail, shield, jacket, domestic fowl வாகனம் conveyance of any kind as a horse, carriage, cloth tied in bundles வழுவை வல்விலங்கு வயமா tiger யானை மொய் press, throng, swarm as flies, bees, ants, to cover, company மாதிரம் region of the world, earth or ground, mountain மாதங்கம் kingship, royalty, government மறமலி மத்குணம் < மதாவளம் so called from its strength மதமொய் மதங்கம் மகாமிருகம் போதகம் infancy, juvenility, young of the elephant, tiger and lion புகர்முகம் as having a spotted face பஞ்சநகம் < நூழில் forming into heaps, climbing, turning plant, parasitic, leafless plant தோல் contest, gemes, to be the inferior, to be defeated, discomfited தெள்ளி தூங்கல் 2, hanging, pendent, any thing suspended, dull, lazy ox, one who loiters about the doors of others for food தும்பி dragon fly, bee, beetle, made bee or beetle, kind of fish, sugar cane திண்டி plant, portulaca தந்தி male elephant, strings or wires for musical instruments தந்தாவளம் that which has tusks, < சுண்டாலம் சிந்துரம் red lead, minium, < சாரங்கம் kind of cuckoo, cuculus melanoleucos, cloud, peacock கோட்டுமா hog, boar கோட்டுமலை கைப்புலி trunked tiger, mountain or animal கெசம் measure of two cubits, yard கும்பி to suspend the respiration as a yogi, mud, mire, slough, heated ashes குஞ்சரம் pre eminence, excellence கள்வன் robber, rogue, black or dark person, crab, can cer of the zodiac களபம் fra grant ointment, perfumery, mixture, mortar, cement கற்பிதம் armed or caparisoned for war, appointment, determination, purpose கறையடி கருமா கரீரம் root of an elephant's tusk, large rice boiler, water pot, one of the signs of the zodiac கரிணி 2 கரி saltish, 2, to be scorched, to be burnt as food in cooking கரசம் கயம் decay, wasting away, loss, waste, destruction, ruin, inferiority கன்று as the feet with walking, hands with first using a tool, to be burnt with the sun கடிவை கசம் measure of length, two cubits or a yard, consump tion, spring ஓங்கல் elevation, rising, vomiting, mountain, bamboo, vessel as a boat ஒருத்தல் male of the elephant, buffalo, bear, bos grunniens, hog, tiger எறும்பி எருவை eagle, copper, species of reed, kind of grass with a fragrant root ஊர்தி conveyance in general, whether carriage, horse, palankeen, as in hindu mytho logy உவா abundance, ple nitude, full moon, sea, conjunction of the sun and moon உம்பல் male of beasts in general, ram, male elephant, bull, male buffalo இருள் to darken, to grow dark as at the close of the day, to become obscure as a heavenly or luminous body இயானை இம்மடி இபம் இடை to recede, go out of one's way, to retreat as before a foe ஆம்பல் white water lily, nymph&ae, alba, globe amaranth, bamboo tree ஆனை ficus racemosa ஆட்காசு so called from severally bearing the impression of a man, horse அஸ்தி < அறுகு lion, yali a fabulous beast, male tiger அருணம் sheep, lime tree, country, also the language spoken in it, gold அரிணம் redness, deer, whiteness அதிகடம் Usage of elephant 1. We took our first elephant ride one morning to visit Amber, the ancient . Online English to Tamil Dictionary : what or which place - எங்கத்து being first - . முந்தல் to still a noise - கையமர்த்த as when cattle tread out the corn - துவை woman in general - பெதும்பை

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