Elevation meaning in tamil

முருகு kind of sweet scented wood, agallochum, beauty, tenderness மீ above, on, over, up, top, surface, height, eminence, loftiness மிசை to eat, to take food, eminence, hill, poverty, food, on, upon மறல் delusion, illusion, kind of dance, hatred, dissension, height n. பரி carry, sustain, to preserve, to watch, to part, to break, to separate பதுக்கை bank, thicket, bushes, low jungle, rock படர் to proceed, to extend as a creeping plant, to over run, to over spread n. நிவப்பு height துங்கம் upward tendency, dignity, exaltedness, neatness, superior apsis துங்கதை dignity, greatness திட்டை bank, raised floor, dry spots in the sea, mortar for pounding சிரம் height, eminence, greatness, dignity, w, < n. கலித்தல் sounding, clamor, sprouting, increase n. கஞலல் narrowness, rising, severity, quickness, sign of displeasure ஓங்கல் rising, vomiting, mountain, elephant, bamboo, vessel as a boat ஓக்கம் rising, eminence, dig nity, greatness, bigness, largeness ஒழுக்கம் behavior, demeanor, course, prescribed rules, regulations, order ஏர்பு excitement, diurnal passage of the heavenly bodies n. எழுமை septuple, seven kinds of transmigration, height, height n. எழுச்சி ascent, stir, excitement, activity, readiness, promptitude n. எடுப்பு rouse one from sleep, act of taking off, taking up, taking in hand ஊக்கம் energy, resolu tion, impulse, promptitude, excitement, effort உயர்பு loftiness, dignity, greatness, excellence, in crease உயர்ச்சி loftiness, altitude, eminence, sublimity, excel lency, superiority உயரம் emi nence, altitude, loftiness, sublimity, altitude, increase a. உம்பர் upon, above, sky, visible heaven, height, that place intermediate உன்னதம் tallness, loftiness, eminence, dignity, sublimity உச்சாரம் pronunciation உச்சாணி height உச்சம் alti tude, greatness, dignity n. உகப்பு pleasure, joy ஆக்கம் gain, profit, acquisition, wealth, prosperity, riches, fortune Online English to Tamil Dictionary : subterraneous room or passage - பிலம் complacency - உவகை mingle - விரவு to err or hesitate in recitation - . திக்கு invoice of goods - . சாத்து

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