Equal meaning in tamil

போல்வான் போரி rival, competi tor, place sacred to subramanian நிகர் liken to, to fight, to be similar, to be like, comparison, likeness சேர் combine, unite, associate, to mix, admix, incorporate, amalgamate சரியாக to be spent ஒத்திட to be alike ஒத்த suitable, consistent உடனொத்தவன் fellow, acquaintance, compeer ஈடு substitution, vicarious retribution, fruit, result, comparison இலக்கு butt, object of aim, that which is in opposition as a rival Usage of equal 1. In the years of war all men entered the Army equal and alike.
2. Kipling and Gilbert, as the equal of Sir Edwin Arnold and Mr.
3. Bayard Taylor pronounced it equal to the Taj itself.
Online English to Tamil Dictionary : drops of burning oil from a lamp - சுடரெண்ணெய் expressive signs or signals - பாஷை vicious course - துர்ச்சனநடத்தை name of the elephant of kansa - குவலயாபீடம் to beat or bruise in a mortar - . குமை

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