Evil meaning in tamil

n. முட்டுப்பாடு exi gency, want மாயை on the principles of adwitas or followers of sankaracharya மறம் vice, sin, killing, murder, strength, power, military exploits பொல்லார் பொல்லாமை badness, wick edness பொல்லாப்பு vileness பொல்லாங்கு vice, vileness, wickedness, ruin, injury, des truction, forgetfulness a. பொல்லா vicious, wicked பொத்து fingers, to stop the mouth, eyes or ears, with the fingers n. பொச்சாப்பு unconsciousness, badness, wick edness பேய்க்குறை disaster, resulting from the malice of an unpropitiated devil பேய் goblin, fiend, wild, as plants or trees, bad, vile, fero cious புலை fish, stink, stench, vice, baseness, lie பிராயம் condition, season of life as youth, age of discre tion, adult age பாவம் natural state, state or condition of existene, idea, conception பாழ் being laid waste, to become corrupted, spoiled, decayed, putrified நவை defect, fault, crime, offence, disgrace, meanness துஷ் ill, improp துர்ப்பாக்கியம் calamity, ill luck, misery துன் ill துட்டு vileness, wickedness, savageness, ferocity, <, small copper coin தீமை wickedness, vice, sin, turpitude, depravity, mis chief, injury தீது vice, mischief, fault, blemish, defect, it is evil தீங்குநேரிட as misfortune தீங்கு vice, wickedness, crime, misfortune, calamity, adversity, ruin தீக்குணம் vice தீ to burn or singe, to dry up water, as the sun, fire in cooking தின்மை சனிகழிய to terminate as a cause of calamity க்ஷுத்திரதேவதை cruel goddess, god n. கோள் having, receiving, seizing, influencing, columny, aspersion கெடுதி stolen, strayed, loss opposed to gain, in astrological calcu lations n. கெடுதலை damage, loss, detriment, injury, disaster, calamity, degeneracy கெடுகாலம் drought, also used reference to retribution of evil deeds which is to come immediately குறுமை littleness, bre vity, conciseness, succinetness, dwarfishness கு prefix to words of sanskrit origin implying bad, ill, unfair கன்மம் especially in their effects as the cause of transmi grations and their accompanying joys and sorrows ஏதர் ஊறு flow as water in a well, to issue, to soak, to be steeped, pickled a. உறு to exist, to feel, experience, suffer, enjoy, experience sensa tions as heat இளைப்பம் mischief, mis fortune, inferiority opp, slightness n. இறப்பு death, dying, extinction, mouldering, decay, waste, passage இன்னாமை sorrow, affliction, distress, mischief, injury இன்னாது unpleasantness, இன்னாதார் enemies, unkind, malevolent a. இன்னா mischief, injury, affliction, distress, suffering, disgrace இடும்பை affliction, distress, calamity, fear, poverty, pride as one of the eight evil dispositions அவபாதம் injury அல்லல் affliction, distress, sorrow, misfortune, adversity, grief Usage of evil 1. Neither you nor I knew there was so much evil in the world". Online English to Tamil Dictionary : passage of a planet from one constellation to another - இராசிப்பிரிவு decrease of ones riches - . வாழ்வுமங்குதல் composure - சாந்தம் with whom it is disgraceful to eat - தின்னாச்சாதி instruction by example - யோகதீட்சை

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