Feeling meaning in tamil

மனசு heart, will, purpose, intention, desire, inclination of the mind மனக்கிடக்கை as it exists in the mind, one's own feeling, emotion, pathos புலன் 2, touching, 4, any of the five senses, sensation, consciousness பாடு to chant, to hymn, to warble as birds, to hum as bees or beetles பரிசம் contact, sense perception, donation, fee, present, by the bride groom to the bride before proceeding to the house for marriage பரிசதன்மாத்திரை நெருடு between the fingers to join them, to feel, to grope, to finger n. தீண்டுகை n. தடவல் playing on a lute with a bow, scantiness, rareness, 4 சொரணை perception சேதனம் intellect, intelligence, wisdom, reflection, perception, sensation ஊறு flow as water in a well, to issue, to soak, to be steeped, pickled n. உணர்வு consciousness, intuition, perception, under standing, knowledge by means of the senses n. உணர்ச்சி intuition, perception, discernment, understanding, sensibility a. உணர் percep tion, knowledge, intellect, to be conscious, to feel mentally உணராமை want of perception, knowledge, insanity, intoxication, infatuation இளகினமனசு kind heart அறிவு wisdom, learning, science, erudition, intelligence, intellect அனுபவம் experience, enjoying or suffering the results of actions done in former births Online English to Tamil Dictionary : threshing floor - பொலிக்கந்து reduction of the world to the primitive atoms - சங்காதம் to cause a devil to possess a person - பேயையுருவேற்ற eyes or ears - பொத்து to part from the roots and perish as tender shoots of grain by early flooding - குருத்துக்கக்க

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