Fire meaning in tamil

விபாகரன் god of fire, < வாயுசகன் as the comrade of wind வன்னி describe, to invoke, sums tree, prosopis spicigera, parrot முளரி wood used for a burnt sacrifice, fire brand, meteor or falling star பாவகன் god of fire, purifier, one possessed of form, shape n. படர்ச்சி proceeding, going, currency, running, extending, creeping as darkness படர் to proceed, to extend as a creeping plant, to over run, to over spread பஞ்சபூதம் earth, air, water, ether பஞ்சதாது earth, water, air, ether நெகிழி தேயு one of the antitypes of siva தூமகேது god of fire துன்பஞ்செய்ய distress, tu cause disease, misfortune, calamity as wind, water தீப்பி தீ to burn or singe, to dry up water, as the sun, fire in cooking தாக்கம் counteraction, force, strength, power as of a blow, medicine தவனன் தபனன் god of fire தனஞ்செயன் one of the ten vital airs, supposed to remain after death, causing the body to swell ஞெகிழி oblong ring of brass filled with stones and shaken in a temple சோதி examine, inspect, inquire, investigate, to sift, prove, test சேர்ந்தார்க்கொல்லி that which kills those in contact with it சேந்து from some depth, to drag a cord, as of a kite, redness செழுமறை செந்தீ செந்தழல் செஞ்சுடர் சுருட்டிவாரிக்கொண்டுபோக to sweep off, as an epidemic, inundation, whirl wind, thieves சுடர் lamp, burn brightly, shine, as a heavenly body, to sparkle as a gem சுசி cleanliness, cere monial purification by ablution, delicacy of taste in food சித்திரபானு sixteenth year of the hindu cycle சிகி ké, thu, personified des cending node, p சத்தமண்டலம் 3, of the sun, 5, of, which see, seven regions or worlds கொல்லி hill on the malabar coast, 2 கொச்சி dry shell, husk of a young cocoanut, after the kernel is taken out கிச்சு காலவம் காற்றின்சகாயன் help er of wind, that which invites wind for winnowing, as a fire கருநெறி கனல் கனலி hog கச்சுரு ஒளி conceal, put out of sight, secret, cloak, to keep a thing unrevealed எழுநா seven tongued as the god of fire எரி consume by fire, scorch, to keep a lamp burning, to cause digestion by extraordinary means as by incantations உதாசனன் god of fire, reviler, abuser உதவகன் உதகவன் god of fire, agni உக்கம் waist, middle of the body, bull, bullock, ox, cow, large kind of circular fan to grace processions ஆரல் plant, planet mars, third lunar mansion, wall of a garden, covered at top அழல் heat, eighteenth lunar man sion, planet mars, hell, pungency of heat upon the tongue from acrimonious plants அழனம் carcass அலி that which is neuter, her maphrodite applicable to human beings and to animals in general அனல் warmth, glow, one of the twelve afflictions which a living body suffers n. அனலு be hot, to cause heat as the sun, fever, disease in the system அனலம் அடுக்கு place in rows, pack, arrange, put in contact, to arrange in a series அடுக்கு place in rows, pack, arrange, put in contact, to arrange in a series அடுக்கு place in rows, pack, arrange, put in contact, to arrange in a series அங்கி long garment, gown, surplice, person, one with a body, third lunar asterism of the hindus அக்கினி god of fire and regent of the south east, urine, saltpetre Usage of fire 1. They relieve each other every two hours but the fire is never left alone. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : iras cibility - அபிகாயம் kind of streaked water melon - அணில்வரியன் nobleman - பெருமாள் gullet - தொண்டை bond given to arbitrators involving a pe nalty - முச்சிலிக்கா

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