Forgetfulness meaning in tamil

மறவி defect n. மறதி obscuration or beclouding of the understanding or the spiritual faculties பொல்லாங்கு vice, vileness, wickedness, ruin, injury, des truction n. பொச்சாப்பு unconsciousness, badness, evil, wick edness புன்மை oblivion, smallness, dimi nutiveness n. நினைவுகேடு loss of consciousness, as in sleep, swooning, drunkenness கீழ் tear, to rive, split, cleave, to destroy, demolish, to draw as a line உணர்வுகேடு listlessness, inattention, want of understanding n. இவறல் intense desire, covetousness, avarice, penuriousness, negligence இழுக்கு to swerve from, neglect the performance of duty, to fall from a higher rank n. இகழ்ச்சி cen sure, contumely, defamation, meanness, baseness, inferiority n. அயர்ப்பு liability to forget n. அயர்தி swooning, languor, weariness, drowsiness, stupor, forgetting n. அயர்ச்சி languor, faintness, spiritlessness, laziness, drowsiness, weakness Usage of forgetfulness 1. Masefield into forgetfulness of his real manhood. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : name of a mountain sacred to siva - திருக்கழுக்குன்றம் used as a spittoon - எச்சிற்குழி to take firm hold of - மனிதனைத்தாவ king of the ancient s eacute - குட்டுவன் ebb of the tide - . வற்று

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