Fruits meaning in tamil

மூலபலாதிகள் eaten by ascetics in forests மண்டபப்படி arrangement of pots, &, c, as decorations of the squares n. புழுக்குதல் rotton pieces of wood பலமூலசாகாதி roots பரிசம் contact, feeling, sense perception, donation, fee, present பஞ்சதரு five kinds of trees in the world of indra, that give what ever is asked பச்சையனுப்புதல் of vegetables, rice, to a new married pair நரம்புவாங்க to cut the tendons of the feet, 3, to contract தேறு vigor, as persons, beasts, plants, to grow well as vegetation துவை in soak, to beat clothes, in washing, to curdle milk by runnet n. திரளு to conglobulate, to collect, to assemble, to congregate, to accumulate n. சொரி to shoot down as corn from a sack, sand from a cart, to scatter சுகதபேதம் stock, its branches, leaves சிவபூசை consisting of the offering of flowers, milk, boiled rice, waving incense and light reciting mantras and praises கோறைபட as clothes n. கொதி bubble up from heat, to effervesce, to ferment, to feel hot to the touch கொட்டுண்ண as leaves, to be shot out, to be spilt as sand, flour குறண்டு bent, crumpled, as horns, fingers, limbs, to be convuls ed காய்கறி vegetables and the like for preparing curry காய் to yield, produce, form as fruit, to form hard bunches, callous parts காணிக்்கை commonly in money, gold, set before an idol to obtain favor கன்மம் especially in their effects as the cause of transmi grations and their accompanying joys and sorrows ஊழ் decay, to wither, fade as flowers, to decay as flesh, to become putrid ஊழலி decayed as meat, to become broken as the constitution by disease உதிர் cast leaves, as trees, to cause to drop or fall in numbers or succession உதிர் cast leaves, as trees, to cause to drop or fall in numbers or succession a. இளக்கு slacken, relax a spring, to loosen a rope, to soften, mollify இடைப்புள்ளி Usage of fruits 1. Are these things the fruits of revolution ? Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to cherish or harbor malice - சலஞ்சாதிக்க word composed of an odd num ber of letters - செய்யுட்பொருத்தம் to writhe as at the sight of a suffering relative - பதைப்புக்காட்ட also a foster child - . வளர்ப்பு to put up or hang up a curtain - திரைகட்ட

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