Ground meaning in tamil

மண் beau tify, decorate, to wash, to clean by washing, decoration பிறனில் neighbor's wife பார் to look at, to view, to notice, to look or search for, to seek நிலம் soil, earth, land, earth, world, country, province, appropriate place நியாயம் rule, precept, place, reason, propriety, fairness, equity, justice தறை to hammer the head of a nail or the point of a spike after fixing on the nut தரை to strike, earth, world, soil, land, earth, head of a nail சமீன் இடம் on, with, within, place, room, site, situa tion, location, spot அயம் feast, mud, mire, water, tank, pond, earth, oleander shrub Usage of ground 1. But there is not the slightest ground for apprehension. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : metaphorically - குறிப்புச்சொல் giving place as the earth - . நெக்குவிடுதல் to join on a piece - தொத்துவைக்க preci pitous height - உச்சிமலை one who sweeps a fane - கோயில்பெருக்கி

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