Help meaning in tamil

வரம் gift, privilege, en dowment by a deity or some superior, favor முன்னிலை female addressed in verse, by way of embellishment, second person பிடி grasp, seize, gripe, clutch, hold, to seize on, to usurp, to ensnare நன்மை benefit, benefaction, utility, aid, virtue, morality, peace n. துப்பு to spit, eject from the mouth, spit out from the mouth, provision துணைமை resource துணை convoy attendant, aid, succor, support, resource, protection திருதி assistance, one of the astrological yogas, < தஞ்சம் prop, aid, assistance, succor, greatness, dignity, poverty n. சார்பு support, patronage, protection, favor, dependence, reliance சாங்கோபாங்கம் en tireness as to the members of the body, clothes, ornament சாங்கரன் aid, associate, partner in a game சகாயம்பண்ண alleviate, ease, relieve சகாயம் assistance, aid, suc cor, relief, ease, alleviation in distress கொழுகொம்பு poles, for supporting climbing plants, central, straight, lofty branch of a tree குமுக்கு total, lump or gross, wholesale, large or considerable quantity ஒத்தாசை assis tance, support உபரால் aid உபபலம் supporting officers of forces in an army, aid, support உபகிருதம் aid, favor உபகரிக்க do a kindness, to benefit, favor, assist, patronize, to bestow உதவி assistance, suc cor, bestowment, gift, donation, boon, contribution அணைவு support, protection, safeguard, as a cover to a book, thing joined அணை hold, clasp in the arms, adhere to, to join, bring or put to as earth to a tree Usage of help 1. There also, the tractor came to the help of the farmers. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : falsification - உண்மைத்தவறு three fourths - முக்கால் to mark out - . பேணு religious mendicants partaking of a charitable feast - . பிச்சைபண்ணுதல் surfeit one spoken in reproach - கக்கக்கொடுக்க

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