Hillock meaning in tamil

வல் hard, strength, power, quickness, speed, dice வன்பால் barren ground, rising ground மேடு little hill, rising ground, affix to the name of a town, belly மண்மேடு பொற்றை low jungle, mound, mountain பொச்சை copse, hill, elephant forest, harbor or nest of insects, paunch புளினம் mound of sand, island of allu vial formation, by the subsiding or receding of water பிறங்கல் abundance, sounding, height, eminence, hill, mountain, mount பாறை bank, rock, crag, large stone, stratum of stone or other mineral fossil பதுக்கை bank, elevation, thicket, bushes, low jungle, rock படர் to proceed, to extend as a creeping plant, to over run, to over spread திப்பை சுவல் back, upper part of the shoulder, nape, horse's mane சிறுமலை in the district of dindigul, serumalay range சிறுகாடு low jungle குவால group, heap, pile a. குவவு round, globular, assemblage, collection, clump, group, earth குவடு rotundity, mountain or hill, mound, top of a hill, peak குப்பை heap, clump, group, sweepings, rubbish, frag ments, dunghill கரு embryo, pregnancy, yolk of an egg, genius, ingenuity, judgment உயர்நிலம் hill, world of the inferior gods, upper room or terrace இறும்பு shrubs, bushes, hill, mountain, lotus flower, beetle, plant Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to have the tongue well trained to speak - நாத்தழும்பேற run at one with rage - தாண்டிமண்டலம்போட in this meaning it is a term of displeasure - கடையுண்ண engra vers - சித்திரர் scru pulousness - சாவதானம்

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