Injury meaning in tamil

விஷமம் wickedness, that which is difficult, < மறம் vice, evil, sin, killing, murder, strength, power, military exploits n. மடுப்பு filling up, suffusion, taking food, deceiving, inveigling, baffling பொல்லாங்கு vice, vileness, wickedness, ruin, des truction, forgetfulness பொருட்சிதைவு transition of meaning, change in the meaning of a word by time பாடு to chant, to hymn, to warble as birds, to hum as bees or beetles பழுது blemish, flaw, anythingtainted, rotten, putrid, damage, moral evil பங்கம் division, dislodgement, defeat, discom fiture, disappointment நோ to ache, feel pain, smart, be uneasy, to be hurt, bruised as the body n. நெருப்புப்படுதல் suffering oppression, as a village, country, from a ruler of head man நீதக்கேடு wrong, impropriety நட்டம் detriment, damage, disadvantage, prejudice, ruin, destruction துவங்கிசம் detriment தீமைசெய்ய to be vicious, to do evil, mis chief தீமை wickedness, vice, sin, turpitude, depravity, mis chief, harm தழும்பு cicatrice, mark, wale or swelling from a blow, bruise, on a person சேதபாதம் damage, waste, loss சேதங்கொடுக்க to suffer robbery சுதம் loss, perishing, method, order, right way of doing a thing n. சிதைப்பு demo lition, ruin, wasting, rout, defeat சட்டு waste, < கோறை cavity, hollow as in a tooth, fistuls, socket, dirt, soil, defect கோத்துக்கொடுக்க roofing, matting, pass it through to another person, to present in an unfavorable light as the wrong n. கேடு destruction, anni hilation, loss, waste, damage, degeneracy n. கெடுதலை damage, loss, detriment, disaster, calamity, degeneracy, vileness ஊறுபாடு scars, damage, violence, four ways of inflicting injury ஊறுகோள் violence, wounds inflicted, murder ஈனம் want, priva tion, destitution, mutilation, disgrace, degradation n. இறப்பு death, dying, extinction, mouldering, decay, waste, passage இன்னாமை sorrow, affliction, distress, evil, mischief a. இன்னா evil, mischief, affliction, distress, suffering, disgrace, inferior இன்னல் distress, affliction, pain அவபாதம் அவந்தரை damage, uselessness, waste n. அழிவு ruin, loss, desolation, act of perishing, that which has perished of itself அலாக்கு distinct, wrong அபாயம் crisis, loss, disaster, mishap, calamity, dilemma, unforeseen danger அபகரணம் ill treatment Online English to Tamil Dictionary : as ones lifetime - வாழ்நாட்கழிய evident comparison - வெளிப்படையுவமம் jacket with strings - கட்டுச்சட்டை consolidate mercury - கட்டு hunters or attendants in hunting - சிகாரியாட்கள்

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