Knowledge meaning in tamil

வேதனம் hire, salary, monthly wages வித்தகம் விண்ணாணம் wisdom, pretended speech, habit, artfulness, fashion, taste விஞ்ஞை magic விஞ்ஞானம் science விக்கியானம் science, secular knowledge வாசனை fragrance, abode, residence, experience of joys or sufferings by the senses மேதை flesh, sap of the palm tree, mead, any intoxicating beverage முதிர்ந்தசொல் habits போதம் intellect, bod'ha போதனை wisdom, teaching, informing, spiritual instruction or advice பொறி gun, to frustrate a matter, ய, to snap, to spring as a trap பூண் have on, to be adorned with, to wear arms or the brahmanical string புலம் rice field, sense, power or faculty of any of the organs of sense புலமை learning, talent in composition, poetic ability புத்தி understanding, saga city, discretion, mental capacity, reason பிரபோதம் wisdom, < பிரஞ்ஞம் intelligence பிரக்கியானம் consciousness, intelligence பிரக்கியம் consciousness, intelligence, < பண்டம் learning, <, thing, substance, article, utensil in a house தெருள் be convinced, to grow in knowledge, to perceive, ascertain துணைக்கருவி medium, implements tools, instruments, faculties of the body and mind as organs of the soul in the performance of actions தீ to burn or singe, to dry up water, as the sun, fire in cooking n. தகவு fitness, suitability, adaptation, property, quality, state ஞாபகம் reminiscence, intellect, reason, precious thing, objects worthy of investigation and know ledge செவிச்செல்வம் science சித்தில் சிதம் whiteness, planet venus, from its silvery appearance, plant காட்சி view, object of sight, visible appearance, manifestation of a deity or the sight of a great personage கற்பு conjugal fidelity, chastity, constancy, virtue of a good wife ஓதி women's hair, wisdom, literature, erudition, cat, mountain ஐதிகம் opinions, belief, derived from tradition or universal consent ஊற்றம் crutch, support, protection, sta bility, solidity, immobility as of a mountain உரம் firmness, hardness, compactness, coarseness, aspiration, force of voice உரன் strength, firmness, strength of mind, fortitude, energy, bravery a. உணர் percep tion, intellect, to be conscious, to feel mentally, to perceive உணராமை want of perception, feeling, insanity, intoxication, infatuation ஈரம் moisture, humidity, dampness, coolness, agreeableness, pleasantness அற்கல் per manency n. அறிவுடைமை possession of knowledge n. அறிவுடைமை possession of knowledge அறிவு wisdom, learning, science, erudition, intelligence, intellect n. அறிகை understanding Online English to Tamil Dictionary : prostrating on the face - . அஷ்டாங்கநிலந்தோய்தல் panegyric in which the character of an excellent wife is described - பெருமகிழ்ச்சிமாலை di visions of an army - ஒட்டு value of a thing by weighing it in the hand - கையாலேபாணிக்க to receive and wait on with marks of attention - உபசரிக்க

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