Place meaning in tamil

ஸ்்தலம் seat ஸ்தானம் situation, < n. வைப்பு placing, deposit, anything reserved for a special purpose, concubinage வை to lay, set aside, deposit, to possess, to have, to endow, to abuse வழி as an ointment, to scrape wipe, rub off, to scour or cleanse வளாகம் circuit, millet field, town near the cole roon river வயின் belly, stomach, house, particle used in declension of the seventh case of nouns முன்னர் 2, beginning மாறு exchanged, altered, reversed, cured, corrected in state, form மாடு prosperity, 2, flat gem, mad'a, masha, cow or bull, side, particle of declension for the ablative of place மராட்டம் hair of the body, hair of females n. போடு to throw a short distance, to put, set, lay, to put on as clothes or shoes n. பெய் to strew, scatter, to pour down, to discharge, as urine, to scatter or send forth பூ to blossom, to put forth germs, to be, to become, to gather mould புவனம் heaven in an indefinite sense, mankind, water, location, earth as a theatre for the experience of joys and sorrows புலம் rice field, sense, power or faculty of any of the organs of sense புறம் part, face, surface, outside, backside, behind, back ground புடை to separate dust, large from small particles, in a fan, to beat or strike பிரதேசம் location, foreign country பால் 5, side, region, quarter, point of compass, part, portion, share பாம்பன் paumban பாங்கர் location, side, party, friends, associates, partizans பதி to impress, to engrave, to infix, to insert, to ingraft, to inlay as gems பட்டி room, location, village, hamlet, cloth, cattle fold, hurdle of which the fold is made பஞ்சரம் bird cage, kind of basket, pottery, po sition, location, place of abode பக்கம் contiguity, nearness, faction, interest, party, affection, friend ship நிலயம் room, location, site, situation, principal place, temple, proper or appropriate place நிலம் soil, earth, land, earth, world, country, province, appropriate place a. நிறுவு raise, erect, set upright, to establish, fix, settle, found நியாயம் rule, precept, reason, propriety, fairness, equity, justice நனவு sight, wakefulness, width, breadth, area, space, room, surface தேயம் anything given, name, country, land, district, location, room தேம் scent, fragrance, odor, honey, honey in flowers, toddy, land தேசம் territory, land, region, district, province, 3 துறை into, across water as the entrance to a tank, pond or river திணை situation, location, site, family, general division of themes or subjects in writings தாவரம் foundation, prop, stability, steadiness, location, habitation தாமம் cord, string, string to tie oxen together, flower, wreath, flower garland தானம் location, situation, spot, station, home, abode, dwelling, residence தாக்கு beat, hit, dash against, beat down, to jerk, to twitch, to butt தலை chief, princi pal, leader, origin, beginning, source, commencement தலம் site, posi tion, location, space, room, holy place, sacred shrine தருமசாலை where any, all, of the thirty two charitable acts are performed adv. ஞாங்கர் room, space, situa tion, location, side, hand lance or dart சூழல் encompassing, examination, deliberation, counsel, consultation சுவாலாமுகம் where subterraneous fires break forth, venerated by the hindus சிறை slave, captivity, slavery, bondage, incarceration, guard, defence n. சார்பு help, support, patronage, protection, favor, dependence, reliance சார் to recline against, to rest on or in, to repose on, to depend on சரகம் beetle, region, district, quarter ஙனம் room, manner mode, way, that place, manner n. கோட்டம் cowstall, herd of cows, assembly, crowd, swerga, temple, medicinal plant கை harsh, astringent, unpleasant, to take amiss, to be piqued கேதாரம் moderr kedar, sacred to siva, in the himalaya range குருகூர் sacred to vishnu காடு thick, im penetrable brush wood, creeping plants and coarse களம் locality, open space, area, wide extent, expanse, black, dark களன் area, open space, expanse, agricultural districts, arableland கண் hollow mark or spot, roundish hole, orifice, crevice, cavity கடை to churn, to turn in a lathe, to form moulds on a wheel as a brazier உழை gain by labor, procure by industry, to acquire, to labor hard உழி site, side, particle of place, form of the seventh case உள் which, i exist, 2, inside, interior, that which is intrinsic உளி barber's in strument for paring nails, form of the seventh case இல் which denotes, not, non existence, death, root of one of the negative symbolic verbs இடை to recede, go out of one's way, to retreat as before a foe இடை to recede, go out of one's way, to retreat as before a foe இடம் on, with, within, room, site, situa tion, location, spot, station இடன் அவகாசம் means, time, opportunity, situation, space, extent அளை to mix up, mingle, macerate as food, paste, with the fingers or hands அரங்கு lowered, pressed down, room, lodging place, theatre or place of public exhibition அயல் nearness, adjacency, that which is next in place, what is out ward அகம் mind, heart, will, one's self, earth, depth, form of the 7th case or locative Usage of place 1. He might be sent to prison but Bedlam was the right place for him.
2. In the time of the Moguls it was the most strongly fortified place in India .
3. The police found him a good place and he enjoyed it.
Online English to Tamil Dictionary : word in reply - . எதிர்ப்பு diastole - ஆதனம் epithet of brahma - விரிஞ்சனன் account of particulars - தப்சீல் to be numerous - . பர

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