Reflection meaning in tamil

விம்பம் figure, image, shape, light, splendor, disk of the sun and moon மனத்தியானம் பிரதிவிம்பம் coun terpart of real form as a picture, image, shadow படர் to proceed, to extend as a creeping plant, to over run, to over spread நீழல் shadow, light, luster, brightness, disease n. நினைப்பு idea, recollection, remembrance, imagination, conception, fancy தோற்றம் visibility, perceptibility, conspicuousness, prominence, distinctness தாக்கு beat, hit, dash against, beat down, to jerk, to twitch, to butt சேதனம் intellect, intelligence, wisdom, feeling, perception, sensation சூழல் encompassing, examination, deliberation, counsel, consultation சிறப்பகத்திணை discri mination, as a faculty of the mind distinct from perception by the senses n. சிந்திப்பு thought, conception, considera tion, contemplation, care, concern சிந்தனை conception, recollection, imagination, consideration, heed சாயை shadow, shadiness, reflected image, shadow of a gnomon or of a person's length on the ground for deter mining the hour of the day சம்பாவனை boon, offering, reward, imagination, conception, respect, worship ஒளி conceal, put out of sight, secret, cloak, to keep a thing unrevealed Online English to Tamil Dictionary : gum of the silk cotton tree - சுரபு small spring - . சிற்றூறல் either in her increase or decrease - பஞ்சமி volunteer - உமேதுவார் bull calf - நாம்பன்

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