Section meaning in tamil

வருக்கம் class, kind, species, multitude, crowd, chapter, increase by a given ratio n. வகுப்பு paragraph a division, class பிரிவு division, disjunction, chapter or paragraph of a book, parted பிரகரணம் prologue, prelude, chapter, place of stopping or pausing, opportunity பாகை division, especially as applied to the third part of the vedas பரிச்சேதம் dissection, division, chapter, discrimination, positive ascertainment துண்டு bit, fragment, slice, scarp, morsel, divi sion, strip, chit சர்க்கம் creation சங்கிதை bre viary, digest, division of the vedas, < n. கூறுபாடு division, share, subdivision, classification, diversified forms of matter n. கூறு publish, promulgate, proclaim, to cry as an auctioneer, herald உறுப்பு limb, member of the body, parts, features, body, part of a whole compo nent part n. அறுப்பு separating, cutting a part, reaping, piece, imprecation of widowhood in allusion to the sundering of the marri age ornament at the death of the hus band அதிகாரம் authority, rule, dominion, prerogative, chapter Usage of section 1. A poultry section was also started. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : turnstile - திருகுமரம் actions as births - கருமவேதனை to act covertly through another in doing evil to any one - இலக்குவைக்க to whom the discoveries are made - கண்காரர் to settle or determine the price - விலைதீர்க்க

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