Shadow meaning in tamil

விம்பம் figure, image, shape, light, splendor, disk of the sun and moon மாயரூபம் பிரதிவிம்பம் coun terpart of real form as a picture, image, reflection நீழல் reflection, light, luster, brightness, disease நிழல் image or reflection in mirror, water, type, representation சாயை shadiness, reflected image, reflection, shadow of a gnomon or of a person's length on the ground for deter mining the hour of the day a. கட leap, bound over, to step or stride over, to pass or get over Online English to Tamil Dictionary : relative duties - உலகாசாரம் to depress - பணி substance or free rendering of a verse - பிண்டப்பொருள் baneful - நஞ்சு kind of rat whose bite is poisonous - நச்செலி

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