Suffering meaning in tamil

விபத்து cala mity, adversity, misfortune, < வருத்தம் affliction, pain, annoyance, any kind of sickness வருத்தம் affliction, pain, annoyance, any kind of sickness பையுள் adversity, lowness of circumstances, distress, pain பிணி to fasten with ropes, to fetter, to link, 3, disease, malady பாடு to chant, to hymn, to warble as birds, to hum as bees or beetles பாசறை camp, distress, affliction, piece of board for smoothing new plaster பரிவேதனம் anguish n. பரிதாபப்படுதல் yearning, being afflicted n. பரி carry, sustain, to preserve, to watch, to part, to break, to separate பனி to be agitated, to shiver, quake, to be shed, to be poured out n. பட்டனுபவித்தல் experiencing, expiating நோய் sickly, diseased, broken in constitution, debilitated, to be sickly as trees n. நொசிவு subtility n. நைவு anything injured, fading நிருபாதி from pain n. நலிவு destruction நலி to waste, to pine away, to yield before a foe, to slide, roll or fall down தெரிநிலைவினை one of the two classes of verbs, that which expresses action துன்பு distress, calamity துனி sorrow, distress, ills of life, disease, pain, protracted love quarrel தாவு to jump up as if catcvhing at an object over head, to spread n. தாளுதல் tolerating, being possible n. தண்டிப்பு correction, punishment, hardship சோகம் loathing of food, nausea supposed to be produced by the arrows of kama செல்லல் afflic tion, disgust, going, circulating சூர் spin, revolve, affliction, disease, distemper, fear, malignant demons சிறுமை littleness, dimi nutiveness, want, indigence, misery, wretchedness சாட்டியம் guile, wickedness, villany, distress, sickness, < கோட்டாலை torment, vexation, harassing, teasing, wan ton sports, amorous gestures கொல் kill, slay, murder, to deprive mercury of its metallic properties by oxi dation கிரகபீடை calamity, from the malig nant influences of planets கம்பலை fear, dread, distress, agricultural districts, villages, field ஏதம் affliction, distress, fault, defect, blemish, destruction n. உழற்சி revolving, turning, roaming, wan dering, oscillation, vibra tion n. உழப்பு disconcert, embroil, mix all together, confuse, practice, habit n. உலைப்பு discomfiture, trouble, vexation உலைச்சல் vexation, agitation, harassing, derangement, fluctuation உறுவல் affliction, distress உறுகண் affliction, distress, sorrow, disease, poverty, fear n. உய் cause to go, discharge, let go, let fly, send, emit, cast, throw உயா உயவல் affliction, pain n. உயக்கம் distress, pain, grief இளக்கம் tenderness, abatement in severity, relaxation, indulgence, tenderness of mind n. இறை lave, irrigate, draw and pour out, to cast forth, to give liberally a. இன்னா evil, mischief, injury, affliction, distress, disgrace, inferior இடும்பை affliction, distress, calamity, evil, fear, poverty, pride as one of the eight evil dispositions இடுக்கண் affliction, distress, adversity, straits, tribulation, persecution ஆய் selecting, to select, choose, cull, to separate, garble, pick out the refuse as stones from rice அவலம் feebleness, pain, sorrow, distress, extreme sympathy, fainting அவத்திரியம் distress அவதி disaster, distress, period, time, season, expiration of a term அல்லல் affliction, distress, sorrow, evil, misfortune, adversity, grief n. அனுபவிப்பு experiencing அனுக்கம் moaning, distress, pain, grief, lethargy, indo lence, fear அணங்கு to desire, to fear, to suffer, be in distress, inferior deity Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to termi nate - சரிப்பிடிக்க when the first half of a word is to be scanned as a part of the first - வகையுளி to ride on another - குதிரையேற necklace worn close to the neck - அட்டிகை total absorption in an object - பிரமை

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