Tank meaning in tamil

வழாறு வளையம் armlet, circuit, enclosure, hoop, ring, involved petals of a lotus வலயம் enclosure, circle, sea மலங்கல் mala, to hold மடுவங்கரை மடு to contain, to fill, penetrate, suffuse as odors the nose, to take food or drink பொய்கை pond, owl பழையகட்டு structure as a house, dam, 2, old building, structure as a house பழையகட்டு structure as a house, dam, 2, old building, structure as a house பல்வலம் small pond பயம் milk, w, nectar, utility, fear, dread, apprehension, concern பண்ணை slaves, feudal dependants, large family, kind of shrub, celosia albida படுகர் hole, hollow, rice fields, agricultural land or a tract of cultivated country a. படு otherwise, to roost as birds, to thresh grain, to pave, to floor படித்துறை other bathing place, with steps leading down பங்கம் division, dislodgement, defeat, discom fiture, disappointment நீர்நிலை depth of water நீர்க்கரை bank of a river தாலாப் தடாகம் pool, < சூழி hair knot on the top of the head, elephant's head dress, covering for the face சரசு large pond, lake, < n. கோட்டம் cowstall, herd of cows, assembly, crowd, swerga, temple, medicinal plant கொடும்பை cascade, gutter, drain, kind of ever green கூலம் sea shore, embankment, mound, bank, dike, ridges in rice fields குழி hollows, to hol low, excavate, to make holes, to depress, to sink குளம் pond குளன் கிணறு கிடங்கு trench, exca vation, excavation in a betel garden, ware house கல் pebbles, gradually, to dig out by little and little as a hole கரை melt solubles, by water, damp, to reduce to a liquid or slimy state ஏல்வை day of twenty four hours உவளகம் zenana, interior part of a mansion appropriated to women, surrounding wall இலங்கு be bright, to radiate, emit rays, gleam, glitter, coruscate இஞ்சி fortification or round wall, shield ஆவி spirit, soul, vowel, breath as emitted by opening the mouth ஆழி discus weapon, ring, wheel, carriage wheel, car, carriage, sea அவல் low or hollow land அயம் feast, mud, mire, water, pond, ground, earth, oleander shrub Online English to Tamil Dictionary : gold to the ring from which they are made - உபாதானம் as living in a forest - வனசரம் one who wears a crown - தாரி to be faint from fatigue - . வெலவெல hole in a tree - மரப்பொந்து

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