To be pressed meaning in tamil

முட்டுப்பட per plexed, in difficulty, extremity as one beset by creditors n. மீதூரு thronged, to be narrow n. பிணங்கு twisted, linked together, entangled, to be bound as the soul to matter n. நெருங்கு to crowd, to approach, to approxi mate, to be close as relation ship நெருக்குண்ண crowded, thronged நெருக்கப்பட n. நெரி fracture, to crack the fingers, to bruise, contuse, to press n. அமுங்கு crushed, to yield to pressure, as a ripe fruit, boil, become shrivelled n. அதுங்கு to be forced out or in by pres sure, as matter in a boil, pulp in a melon fruit Online English to Tamil Dictionary : worthless person - வீண்சோறுண்ணி gold mine - பொன்விளைவிடம் hermaphrodite - பேதை pieces - பாளம்பாளமாய்வெடிக்க inquire all about one - துப்புத்துருவிசாரிக்க

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