To evade meaning in tamil

n. நழுவு from under the foot as an oily or lubricous thing, to slip down தவத்து to separate, to take away, to drive away as cattle, to avoid தட்டு as a door, to strike, as a gong, to tap, pat, slap, to touch or strive so as to displace தட்டிமாற shift a fault upon another, to baffle one and escape, to give one a heavy blow சாட்டு transfer ring, accusing, charging with, to transfer as a debt இரண்டுசொல்ல refuse, give an indirect or evasive answer Online English to Tamil Dictionary : conclude - . முகி thence extending through the system - சீவனி foreman - மேஸ்திரி sound in the ears when partly stopped with water - . கும்மெனல் to give suck - ஒஞ்சிகொடுக்க

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