To rebuke meaning in tamil

பயப்படுத்த to terrify or frighten, to upbraid, to discipline சீறு cat, to snort as a horse, snuff, sniff, to huff with anger கடி bite, to bite, bite off, crop, gnaw, nibble, grasp with, hold in the mouth n. அதிர் to shout in order to alarm, to intimidate, 3, to speak, dictate a. அதம்பு upbraid Online English to Tamil Dictionary : moral actions involving future retribution - கருமம் stake to which an animal is tied when sacri ficed - பரிதி young man between sixteen and thirty years of age - யுவன் in anticipation of marriage - காந்தருவப்புணர்ச்சி heat - வேனல்

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