To stoop meaning in tamil

பணி to speak, to declare, to give, to bestow, to order, to command தாழ் to deepen, to depress, to be slow or dull, to wait, stay, to be n. கவிழ் turn partly over, to capsize, invert, to subvert, overthrow கழுத்துக்கூன n. இறைஞ்சு bow, bend, incline the head, to make obeisance, to reverence Online English to Tamil Dictionary : such a delicate state of the system as renders a person liable to disease from the least exposure - மருந்தெண்ணைப்பதம் horses and infantry - பரணி febris intermittens - விடுங்காய்ச்சல் of glass - கம்மல் suretyship - பிணை

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