Usages meaning in tamil

பழமைபேச customs, of one's ancestry, to the disparagement of others தேசாசாரம் man ners, of a country தேசவழக்கம் habits, laws of a country தேசப்பழமை சான்றோராட்சி influence, authority, of the learned சாதிமுறை rules, of a caste ஆணை as in a court of justice, oath, as in profane swearing, truth Online English to Tamil Dictionary : being fit - ஒண்ணல் one who institutes or performs a sacrifice - எசமானன் to breathe with difficulty - . கேவு commonly from a distant part - பரதேசி supposed to be induced by a malignant planet - கிரகங்கழிக்க

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