Virtue meaning in tamil

புண்ணியம் 9, moral, religious merit, from conformity to the shastras பத்தி faith, service, worship, love, affection, devotion, attachment நேர்மை directness, evenness, impartiality, justness, propriety, faithfulness adv. நேர் to come in front of, be over against, to happen, to occur, to transpire நாற்பயன் kinds of good, treated of in moral writings, to which every branch of literature may be reduced நல்லறம் morality நல்லமை merit, kindness, civility, friendliness நலம் benefit, efficacy, beauty, fairness, handsomeness, welfare நன்மை benefit, benefaction, utility, help, aid, morality, peace, concord நன்மார்க்கம் virtuous conduct, morality தருமம் right, equity, law, moral and religious merit according to the shastras தன்மம் equity, merit, charity n. தகவு fitness, suitability, adaptation, property, quality, state சேமதருமம் per manent merit செந்நெறி right way chiefly in a moral or religious sense, morality சுகம் welfare, convalescence, recovery, ease, relief from pain, trouble சீர் comeliness, fairness, grace fulness, prosperity, opulence, wealth சாது mildness, gentleness, meekness, peaceableness, good or chastened dispo sition சற்குணம் amiableness, good nature, benevolence, religion, good disposition சயம் victory, success, tone, sun, coarse sugar, water lily, collection சன்மார்க்கம் good conduct, good be havior, morality சத்து reality, goodness, morality, moral excel lance, power, strength சத்து reality, goodness, morality, moral excel lance, power, strength குணம் attribute, property, disposition, temper, nature, good quality ஒழுக்கம் behavior, demeanor, course, prescribed rules, regulations, order உயர்ந்தோர் learned, renowned, exalted in piety, austerities, sages, ascetics உத்தமம் excellence, goodness, chief, principal, best of the kind whether persons or things இன்னலம் merit ஆற்பதம் essence, vigor, strength அறம் performance of good works according to the shasters including justice Online English to Tamil Dictionary : profaneness - சமயநிந்தை gold pot set on the tops of temples - தங்கக்குடம் to go with great swiftness - சிறகுகட்டிப்பறக்க well behaved - ஒழுக்கமாயிருக்க signification either of a simple or complex term - வாச்சியம்

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