Water meaning in tamil

வார் to infuse, suffuse, to cast metal in a mould, to flow down வாரி to hinder, to stop, sea, stable, stall for elephants, hole as a trap for catching elephants வாயம் வானம் seasoned wood, atmosphere, firmament, heaven, rain, vana, one of the ornamental lines in a tower வயம் bird, power, might, victory, conquest, horse வன்னிமாரகம் as extinguishing fire வனம் uncultivated country, grove surrounding a town, basil plant மை to be separated from the husk by beating, black or magical for the eyes மேகபுஷ்பம் மாரி destructive and contagious disease, evil goddess, sup posed to inflict the small pox மழை cloud, coolness, abundance, plenty புவனம் heaven in an indefinite sense, mankind, place, location, earth as a theatre for the experience of joys and sorrows புட்கரம் heaven, ether, sacred bathing place, lotus flower, 6, tip of an elephant's trunk பானீயம் w பாணி imagine, conceive, to conjecture, to estimate, to form an opinion பரம்பு epidemics, to extend, to expand, to become diffused as air பயோததி sea, sea of milk பயம் milk, w, tank, nectar, utility, fear, dread, apprehension, concern பயன் fruit, reward, profit, produce, result of good or bad actions பயசு milk n. பம்பு thick, crowded, to spread, to over spread as vegetation, darkness பத்திரோதகம் a. படு otherwise, to roost as birds, to thresh grain, to pave, to floor பஞ்சபூதம் earth, air, fire, ether பஞ்சதாது earth, fire, air, ether நீவரம் நீர் as liquid fool in cooking, boiled rice, to be thin, as some semen நீரம் liquor நிழல் shadow, image or reflection in mirror, type, representation n. நிர crowded, full, to spread, expand, diffuse itself, as air, to pervade நாரம் multitude of men, love, affection, string, cord, lemon of citron நாட்பட as a chromic disease, to become old, to be long acted on by air தோயம் liquid தோணி dhoney, twenty seventh or last constellation, projections, bastions தேசோபத்திரவம் which are five: 1, sickness, famine, death, general and national distress துன்பஞ்செய்ய distress, tu cause disease, misfortune, calamity as wind, fire n. தாழ்வு depth of a pit, hanging, pendent, degradation, defect ஜலம் செங்கற்பால் சீவனீயம் < சீவனாகினி சீவனம் sustaining life, livelihood, means of sub sistence, sustenance சீரி experienced in, to be acquainted with a person or thing, to suit one's constitu tion as climate சீதம் coldness, chillness, frigidity, cloud, sandal tree சிந்து shed, effuse, to scat ter, diffuse, to take away life, to kill சலிலம் சலம் serum, water from a wound, urine, motion, mobility, wavering சம்பரம் cloth, garment சமானோதகர் கோ flowers, ola leaves, to file, to insert and draw as a string குசம் sacrificial grass, slander, invective கீலாலம் blood கார் hot to the taste, to be harsh, acrid, to be very slat, blackness காண்டம் large division of a subject in epic poems, vedas, arrow, horse கவந்தம் கயம் decay, wasting away, loss, waste, destruction, ruin, inferiority கம் head கமலம் lotus, kind of salver made in imitation of a full blown lotus கபந்தம் கனவிரதம் கனரசம் கடையால் are carried by cow herds to the fields for drinking, stern of a vessel a. கட leap, bound over, to step or stride over, to pass or get over கஞ்சம் musical in strument of metal a sort of cymbal, deception, knavery ஐயம் hesitation, uncertainty, indecision, suspense, scepticism, terms or probability உயிர்வேதனை of which twelve are given, : 1, cold, thunder bolts, wind, weapons உதம் உதகம் rain, small drops of rain n. இறங்கு pass down a declivity or ladder, sink lower, to get down a tree ஆலம் rain, blossom, blown flower, battle axe, banian tree which throws down roots from the branches ஆருவம் ஆம் expletive, termination of the first person plural, in verbs of both classes அளகம் por cupine's quill, curl or hair அலர் open as a flower, to spread or be diffused as the rays of the sun அலர் open as a flower, to spread or be diffused as the rays of the sun அலம் agitation of mind, plough n. அறல் wave, ripple, black sand found on the sea shore, low jungle அயம் feast, mud, mire, tank, pond, ground, earth, oleander shrub அம்பு arrow, lime tree, young and tender leaf, bamboo, one of the thirty two kinds of arsenic அம்பணம் tortoise, plantain tree, beam of weighing scales அம் cloud, connecting particle, tamarind fruit, termination of a verb அமுது sweetness, milk, boiled rice, food in general, restorative medicine அமுதம் nectar, food of the gods, obtained by churning the sea of milk அமுதகம் female breast அமிருதம் ambrosia, nec tar, milk, honey, restorative, reviving medicine அப்பு as sandal paste, plaster, with a trowel, as mortar against a wall Usage of water 1. Vienna has the boulevard and the buildings but lacks the water effect.
2. In India the water supply is almost entirely controlled by the government.
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