What meaning in tamil

யாது yatu, yatud'hana, which an expression of doubt, palm tree sap ஏது defect, which, why, wherefore, how, whence, whatever, whichever int. எவ்வது எவ் எவன் term expressive of sorrow, pity என் name, pronounce, express, do, indicate, either by words or signs எனை how much, what kind எந்த n. எது Usage of what 1. He says that he has fought for the Empire, and so can do what he likes in it. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : moisture - பசை poem in praise of a gods sandals - பாதுகாசகஸ்திரம் as the stock of accumulated actions - . தேய் putting on fragrant flowers in worship - . நறுமலர்சாத்்தல் verse consisting of two equal metrical lones of four or more feet each - குறள்வெண்செந்துறை

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