Yield meaning in tamil

மடங்கு to be shut, closed, folded as a knife or table, to be in flected n. புய் to snatch, to seize, to wrest n. ஞெள் to agree, consent, to sound ஒத்துக்கொள்ள admit, accede to, allow, grant, concede, acknowledge, to fit உயிர் revive, come to life as one dead, to be restored to life or feeling as a benumbed or injured limb ஈடுகொடுக்க give an equivalent, to content, to bear, tolerate, endure இணங்கு consent, comply with, to be reconciled, to acquiesce in, be agreeable to இடங்கொடுக்க admit, to allow, permit, suf fer, grant liberty, permission இசை to join, combine, reconcile, blend, mingle, to bind, tie, fasten n. அடங்கு become subject to, be subdued, to shrink, become compressed Online English to Tamil Dictionary : poem written in a figure painted in the form of a car - இரதபந்தம் to whirl in dancing - சுற்றியாட eu phorbia incana - வெள்ளையம்மான்பச்சரிசி grain 2 - கிண்டிவிட aged man - விருத்தன்

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